Launching Stick No Bills®  Middle East Flagship Gallery

Launching Stick No Bills® Middle East Flagship Gallery

With our Inaugural Dubai Middle East Collection

We have come full circle to where our vintage poster art quest began 20 years ago with the launch of the inaugural Stick No Bills® Middle East Collection at our new Dubai Flagship Gallery. These seminal, hand-painted poster artworks debut an extensive panorama of place-centric images, spot-lighting the myriad traditions, idiosyncrasies, cartographies and landmark icons of this complex, bustling, multicultural region which we love so much. With great pleasure we shall enrich the inaugural Middle East series with many more licensed collections over the years to come.
The Stick No Bills® Middle East Collection includes remastered vintage posters produced by the airlines that pioneered air travel to and from the region: British Overseas Air Corporation, Lufthansa, Pan American Airways and Middle East Airlines. These illustrations date back to the 1950’s when they were first created as silk screen prints and stone lithographs. They include works such as those by renowned French graphic designer and artist Jacques Auriac, commissioned by Beirut-based Middle East Airlines to create destination marketing posters for places such as Cairo and Baghdad, Switzerland and Germany in his trademark bold colours and motifs for the flourishing Lebanese jet-set travelling outbound, as well as inbound Europeans.
We have also remastered for the very first time fine art prints from BOAC which currently are displayed in pride of place outside the executive offices of British Airways in their London HQ as well as others created by Britain’s best-known aviation artist Frank Wootton OBE, who travelled to South East Asia at the end of the Second World War on special commission by the RAF to paint aircraft there. In our mission to span a century of innovation in graphic art originally produced to inspire travel, we present these historic greats alongside our own fresh 21st Century-created travel posters depicting dynamic modern-day Dubai, hand-illustrated by our world-renowned Chief Poster Artist Mads Berg.
Featuring a young woman at the helm of a classic J Class yacht, with the Museum of the Future and The World in the backdrop, and in our brand specialist art deco style, we have created a series of timeless art works that is also a beacon of invigorating exuberance and hope. You can find these in both the English and Arabic language. The new Dubai Flagship Gallery itself represents an exciting addition to the thriving art scene of the city, hosted by The Studio LLC and embedded in the art and culture hub of The Courtyard in the buzzing Al Quoz district.
Join our family on Instagram @sticknobillsposters for a first look at this brand new collection and all the action at tonight’s launch party! Dubai joins our growing list of Stick No Bills® galleries in Sri Lanka, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, making sure art-loving style-seekers in all corners of the globe can explore our world of authorised vintage poster art. And with more to follow soon – watch this space! The journey has only just begun…
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