Stick No Bills™

Guest Artist

Since 2014 Stick No Bills has been on a mission to give visitors to Sri Lanka greater accessibility to the island's flourishing post-war art market. How? By integrating fine art printing into our offering to compliment our array of vintage poster art and retro-poster designs. To that end, we are proud to highlight our first "Guest Artist", Raja Segar on the Art Trail at the upcoming Fairway Galle Literary Festival 23rd to 28th January 2018.  

Segar has graciously given us an exclusive license to reproduce his beautiful oil paintings, watercolours and line drawings as limited edition posters, signed by the artist. In so doing we aim to raise the prestige and global reach of his collection while also making art that sells for thousands of dollars in its original form – art that is historically vital in that it is quintessentially Sri Lankan - accessible for a tiny fraction of that price. Segar had his fortieth solo exhibition in September 2017 at the LimLip Museum Congju in South Korea. His 39th solo exhibition was at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Abu Dhabi in April 2017. He is a regular participant at the Mumbai, Delhi and Dubai Air Fairs.

Stick No Bills Creative Director first identified Segar as our ideal first Guest artist for our fine art prints in 2013. The artist began his partnership with Stick No Bills shortly before his 38th solo exhibition in Colombo in 2014. Segar has since been a regular guest of honour at Stick No Bills' flagship gallery in Galle Fort, where he will next be signing copies of his magnificent autobiography  - each of which includes an original Segar sketch ​on the first page -​ on ​Friday 26th January 2018​ from 3pm until 5.30pm as part of the Fairway Galle Literary Festival Art Trail celebrations. In Segar we recognise a highly accomplished yet under-rated genius who’s future we believe in.