Stick No Bills™

River Rider, Ceylon.

Stick No Bills™

Title: River Rider, Ceylon.
Poster released: Sri Lanka, 4th December 2014.
Artist: Ruwangi Amarasinghe.
Dimensions: 23.8'' x 31.8''  / 60.45 x 80cm, lithograph poster with 1'' x 1'' / 2.5 x 2.5cm white border.
From the Stick No Bills™ Retro Posters of Ceylon series.
Winning Design of the Stick No Bills™No Bill Piece Prize”, Sri Lanka, 2014. 
© Stick No Bills™, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.



Mediums: Acrylic Canvas Painting, Digital Art,
Illustration, Graphic Design, Installation Art + Mixed Media.

Description from the artist:
"My inspiration for River Rider came from the simple thought that Sri Lanka is a beautiful place to live. I wanted it to reflect just that, beauty. I wanted the poster to reflect the simple life that many people of the country live, co-existing with nature. It was more to evoke the feeling of peace and wonder, similar to how you would feel if you were to witness such a sight first hand, rather than showing all the attractions of the country."
Ruwangi is Graphic Design graduate from the Academy of Design in Colombo, holding a bachelors degree from the University of Northumbria. She constantly uses multiple mediums in her varied styles of artworks, making her work truly unique. Her work is a tribute to the constant journey of her wandering mind that is on a mission to discover the connection between human consciousness and the cosmic universe and the essential basis of its interrelation. She is also involved in the creative movement built around electronic dance music in Sri Lanka and is a member of the artist collective - BANG BANG where she works and develops creative projects with other visual artists, DJs and electronic music producers. She is also the Visual Artist for Sri Lanka’s first record label, Jambutek Recordings.
Ruwangi also works as a freelance graphic designer, Illustrator and Print designer to the advertising and fashion industries.