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"Bad Light", The Esplanade, Galle Cricket Club, 1930s.

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"Bad Light", The Esplanade, Galle Cricket Club, 1930s retro. Artwork: Lee Wakerley (Burlington, Vermont)  / P.J.B. Samarasinghe (Galle & Palma). 

Dimensions: 35.5” x 23.5" / 91 x 60cm (lithograph poster).

From the Stick No Bills™ Travel Posters Of Ceylon series. 

© Stick No Bills™ (courtesy of The Poster Design Group [UK] Ltd), 35 Church Street, Galle Fort & Calle Temple 5, Palma de Mallorca. 

Released in celebration of the November MMXVIII England Cricket Team tour of Sri Lanka.  

For numbered (1/250), A3-sized limited editions of this design printed on vintage style matt art board with foiled Ceylon lettering or for mega-sized (up to 3 metre wide) one-off editions of this design printed on weather resistant flex (which can be rolled and shipped) please request your bespoke print by special request to:

Proceeds from all sales of this image help the founders of Stick No Bills raise more funds to support rising cricket star Nipun Malinga of Habaraduwa, Southern Province. Only son of our tuk tuk driver Mr Sunil Ranjith, we, along with visiting close family and friends from England and Dubai, have informally sponsored Nipun since he was fourteen years old. We have therefore been really proud to watch Nipun grow (exceptionally tall like his father!) and go from strength to strength to join the Under 19s national team as illustrated by the attached photos. For a boy of Nipun's origins to make it onto the national team is an extraordinary accomplishment and testimony to the loving dedication and support of his mother, father and sister. 

We have set the scene at The Esplanade in Galle as we want to emphasise how vital to Galle Fort's iconic international heritage and exotic travel destination status the stunningly situated International Cricket Stadium is. In so doing we hope to inspire the conservation of the grounds in their rightful place, adjacent to Galle Fort and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, for many centuries to come.

Proceeds from all sales of this image will therefore also go to The Galle Heritage Foundation (as per our best selling design Goodnight Ceylon, Galle Fort, Nighttime). We make these donations to help the foundation fulfil its vital mission, under the aegis of Sri Lanka's Ministry of National Heritage, "to conserve Galle Fort as a historic city of the utmost archaeological importance and to develop it to be a cultural tourist centre of excellence."  

2018 Test Match Schedule:

Tuesday 6–Saturday 10 November 2018: 1st Test Match, Galle International Stadium 

Wednesday 14–Sunday 18 November 2018: 2nd Test Match, PKICS, Kandy 

Friday 23–Tuesday 27 November 2018: 3rd Test Match, SSC, Colombo.