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Pleasure Map Of Ceylon [First Edition, Blue], India, 1940.

Stick No Bills™


Pleasure Map Of Ceylon [First Edition, Blue], India, 1940. Artwork: W. Rose, Ceylon House, Hornby Road (now Dr Dadabhai Naoroji Road), Bombay. We print our remastered 21st century lithographs of this illustrative map with gratitude to the National Archives (UK) for their help ascertaining copyright and in respect for Her Majesty's Government's Colonial Office for their commissioning and original publication of the print in 1940 in support of the Ceylon Trade Commissioner for India. 

Dimensions: 73 x 110cm / 28.7" x 48.3” “El Grande Giclee” museum standard limited edition fine art print (1/250) on acid-free, age-resistant Hahnemühle German etching archival fabric; 61 x 91cm / 24” x 36” “Classic Poster” on satin matt art paper including 2cm / 0.8" white border; 30 x 42cm / 11.7” x 16.53” “Foiled A3 Limited Edition” print (1/250) on matt art board with foil inlay lettering including 2cm / 0.8" white border or “Classic A3 Print” on matt art board; 12.7 x 17.8 cm / 5” x 7” "Classic Postcard” on matt art board including 1cm / 0.4" white border. From the Stick No Bills™ Travel Posters Of Ceylon series. Proceeds from all sales go to The Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society. © Stick No Bills™ (courtesy of The Poster Design Group [UK] Ltd), 35 Church Street, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka & Calle Temple 5, Palma, Islas Baleares. / All rights reserved.

The historic timing of the release of this spectacularly hedonistic pleasure map - seemingly launched just to encourage trade with and travel to the Dominion of Ceylon - is fascinating. In 1940, with Japan soon to go to war, Ceylon, already equipped with a total of 1,530 km of railroads, 28,500 km of roads and three Royal Air Force bases, was on the cusp of being transformed into Britain’s most pivotal military base in the Indian Ocean. Psyop potency aside, what we have here, is also, in effect, one of the word’s very first surf posters, depicting female surfers no less.

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