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"Diva, Gran Prix '23 , Sitges-Terramar, Barcelona, 1920s".
"Diva, Gran Prix '23 , Sitges-Terramar, Barcelona, 1920s".
Stick No Bills®, courtesy of The Poster Design Group Ltd

"Diva, Gran Prix '23 , Sitges-Terramar, Barcelona, 1920s".

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Art Direction: Philip James Baber; illustration: Mads Berg.
Proceeds from all Stick No Bills® sales of this image go to Medicos Sin Fronteras and Foundation Save The Med.

This is the second of two inaugural Stick No Bills® Barcelona designs which cast grandstand views, split seconds apart, onto an adrenaline-fuelled moment of glory that took place ninety-nine years ago, in Sitges on the affluent south west coast of the Barcelona province.

For our 2022 entrée on ‘La Peninsula’, we imagine our way back to October 1923 when Frenchman, Albert Divo, accelerated his British Sunbeam towards a historic victory at “l’Autòdrom més emocionant del món” in the very first race to officially carry the title Spanish Grand Prix. 

Our 1920s femme fatale grips the rail as she witnesses Divo tear through his final laps of the two-kilometre oval circuit. 

Why did we chose to imbue a sense of place for Barcelona at far-flung Sitges-Terramar, of all places?

Because, in spite of being an exceptionally impressive feat of art deco engineering - reportedly built in under 300 days no less - this autodrome has stood empty and abandoned for almost all of its one hundred years of existence. Like a forgotten jewel and an eerily under-used and ghostly yet unashamedly concrete reminder of how quickly halcyon days can be overshadowed by more troubled times. 

The Iberian peninsula's very first purpose built race tracks therefore serves as the perfect starting point for a visual odyssey within which we hope to encapsulate the ambition and the glamour of Barcelona's bygone eras; of times when the city rose to global acclaim for the first time, becoming renowned as a wealthy pioneer of industry, technology, urban planning and architecture, of art, fashion and style. 

The hubris of the context (only recognised with the benefit of hindsight) makes these two cinematic motifs depicting what poet Robert Browning called 'finite hearts that yearn' all the more poignant.

For our lovestruck heroine the first moment is complicated by the penetrating stare of a jealous third protagonist. The second moment shows the jealous man to have suddenly vanished, thereby 'liberating' her, if only for a split second, from his possessive gaze.

It is an honour to find ourselves at this exciting point in our own evolution as poster art curators, archivists and designers, on the cusp of helping roll out images old and new that together chart the heritage and the projected sense of identity of one magnificent city very close to our - and so many millions of others' - hearts. We hope that with your support we can do justice to this challenging task at hand. 

© exclusive to Stick No Bills® (courtesy of The Poster Design Group® [UK] Ltd.), @sticknobillsposters
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Specialist printed on minimum 150 GSM Art Paper since 2011, we emboss our premium posters with our copyright seal before shipping them worldwide in biodegradable yet highly dent resistant tubes.

We can fit up to four premium posters in one tube and if you buy three we gift you the fourth free of charge. We hope that both the tube and the high quality officially licensed poster(s) it contains will be ‘gifts for life’ for you or the friend to whom we are shipping them on your behalf.

We recommend glazing your premium prints behind UV defence glass and positioning them on walls that do not receive any direct sunlight to help ensure their longevity.

More Information:

Artist / Production Entity: Philip James Baber / Mads Berg
Dimensions: 61 x 91cm / 24" x 35.8"
With or without white border: including 6.5cm / 2.54" white border
Location where created: Palma / Copenhagen
Era / Date of Original Release: 1960s

The Stick No Bills® Premium poster range consists of open-ended prints of our images ranging in size from 13 x 18cm miniature posters to 70 x 100cm large format posters, all designed to fit inside industry standard readily available off-the-shelf frames albeit we recommend professional framing if possible. 

While our Premium edition prints are unlimited in number, we still hold ensuring the consistency of their high quality and the sustainability of their production as of the utmost importance. No Stick No Bills® image goes on sale in printed form as either a limited or premium edition print without our Creative Director first personally overseeing the proofing process with his exacting eye until perfection is achieved.

All papers used in the Premium Edition range are either partially recycled and / or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified as responsibly harvested.

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