Collection: Master 24 Karat Gold Leaf Editions 1/1 (Sri Lanka)

When you purchase a Stick No Bills® 1/1 Master Gold Leaf Edition you are investing in the original, framed, museum standard, age-resistant, acid-free one-of-a-kind fine art print of the image you have chosen - a singular work of art made in Palma De Mallorca under our Creative Director, Master Printer and Framing Specialists´ collective supervision, with 24 karat gold leaf letters inscribed onto the richly textured one-of-a-kind Hahnemühle® fabric by the Spanish royal family´s British yacht gilder. 

To produce your Master 24 Karat Gold Leaf Edition we have the privilege of being able to giclée / spray the latest generation carbon pigmented inks onto 100% cotton-based matt finish Hahnemühle® Photo Rag® where maximum range of colour gamut, pictorial depth and fade resistance are guaranteed (the latter for generations) to an unrivalled extent, by this premier German manufacturer, the leader in ecologically manufactured fine art fabric production since 1584.

There will never be another Master Gold Leaf Edition of the Stick No Bills® image you elect for us to produce in this highest grade format. Thus your unique ownership of this singular edition of an iconic image will be certified as absolute from the moment you purchase it and specify the archival framing style in which you would like it housed.

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