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The Poster Design Group (UK) Ltd

We print, frame and ship made-to-order limited editions of our travel poster designs on demand, using the most cutting edge printing technology and the finest inks and paper in the world.

In partnership with Asia and Europes' leaders in the fine art printing and framing realms, we specialise in producing both framed and unframed museum standard limited edition prints of the images in our collection on which we enjoy exclusive copyright on a made-to-order basis.

Contact for limited edition prints as follows:

“El Grande Giclee” museum standard limited edition fine art print (1/250) on acid-free, age-resistant Hahnemühle German etching archival fabric. Dimensions: 73 x 110cm / 28.7" x 48.3”.

Foiled A3 Limited Edition” print (1/250) on matt art board with foil inlay lettering including 2cm / 0.8" white border on matt art board. 
30 x 42cm / 11.7” x 16.53” 

All such limited editions will reach you embossed with The Poster Design Group's seal of authenticity and copyright, numbered sequentially 1 / 250 and accompanied by an embossed Certificate Of Authenticity signed by one of our Directors.

Made To Measure: we can also produce our images to your precise height or width confirmation in centimetres by special request. Super Yacht Marina Port Adriano Mallorca’s inflation of our images on weather-resistant air-tex to fit their giant, Philippe Starck-designed 5 x 3 metre frames bedecking their marina's walls is a good example of this capability.

However, should you wish to commission us to create any made-to-measure versions of our images, please note that we shall never damage the integrity of the original artwork by stretching or cropping it to fit your space without the express consent of our Creative Director. So when you give us your desired width, we will confirm the height and vice versa.

Wholesale purchases: please note we can ship you any number of posters with discounts given for wholesale purchases of 10 or more of one design by special request to

Classic Postcards and Classic A3-sized prints: we have perfected reinforced yet eco packaging for box-shipping flat-packs of postcards and a3s sized prints. This means we can ship you 7 x 5 inch postcards of any of our Ceylon / Sri Lanka or Iberia (Islas Baleares / Mallorca) designs if you meet our minimum postcard order requirement totalling 24 of any variety of our designs at our online retail price of 2.95Euros per card. Wholesale prices for postcard orders of 96 units or more are also available by enquiry to

Customised and/or branded postcards: we can customise postcard orders by detailing your logo or your personal message (for wedding invitations for example) on the reverse side. Again, these made-to-order postcard orders can be arranged by special request to We shall, in these tailor-made instances, require a minimum of 28 working days to design and process your order. So if you are ordering customised postcards for an event be sure to notify us well ahead, ideally at least six weeks ahead of the date of the event.


We have framed the two A1 sized limited editions you see here, printed on Hahnemühle archival fabric and framed to appear as if they are floating against a black mount in our signature art deco teatro black and gold frames.

This twin Ceylon set were shipped in customised pine and mdf boxes to a client in London in November 2018.
 All such limited editions arrive numbered 1/250 and embossed with The Poster Design Group's seal of authenticity in the bottom right hand corner.

We can produce made to order editions of any of the images you see on our website as:

  • Limited or bespoke editions, printed on Hahnemühle etching 310 GSM archival fabric (highest quality fine art printing paper). These can be printed in a variety of sizes including mega-sized i.e. 110cm x 174cm.

  • A3-sized (11.69” x 16.53” / 29.7 x 42cm) and postcard-sized (7" x 5" / 17.78 x 12.7cm) versions of our posters printed on vintage matt art-board.

  • We can also print super-sized versions of our designs on either an airtex type perforated material or flex. The air-tex material lets the wind blow through the image so enables us to print our designs as enormous hoardings such as those that have been displayed in Port Adriano Marina in 2018.  Flex is an advertising fabric that is also weather resistant albeit to a lesser extent than airtex. Sri Lanka has become world-class in its ability to print on flex to the highest standard. So this made to measure option is ideal for creating striking seasonal display of our images at properties, exhibitions and events located in exposed environments such as coastlines.

We can deliver limited edition or classic prints framed, to your door. The following rates for destinations where our framed products have, to date, been in highest demand are approximate and subject to change. We detail them here to give you an idea of the additional cost of shipping. Please note that for orders of three or more limited editions sent to one destination we offer to cover these costs for our clients.


Should you be in interested in any of the above please contact ref "Made To Order". Thanks.