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Gamarala (Village Man), Ceylon. Inaugural No Bill Piece Prize Winning Design.

Stick No Bills™

Gamarala (Village-Man), Sri Lanka / Ceylon, 2014.

Artist: Indika Sriyan Gammudal. Sinhalese Language Poster.
Poster created: Sri Lanka November 2014.
Poster released: 15th January 2015. 
Dimensions: 31.5'' x 22.8''  / 80 x 57.9cm(lithograph poster with 1'' x 1'' / 2.5 x 2.5cm white border).
Winning Design of the No Bill Piece Prize Travel Poster Design Contest, 2014.
A brief description of Gamarala written by the designer, Indika Sriyan Gammudal.
"The 'gamarala' (village man) – is a fictional characterisation on whom many kids' stories and tall tales are based.
When we were children our grandparents used to relate stories particularly at bedtime. The folk tales revolving round the 'gamarala' are the most popular ones. They are fascinating stories related to the life of the 'gamarala', the village chieftain. The stories woven around the 'gamarala' are so interesting that even if they are make-believe tales, the listener gets carried away and more often than not, is convinced that they are true. They have come down through generations and are still being told in village households."
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