Stick No Bills™

Insight Guides highlights Stick No Bills™ in top 10 chicest boutiques travel blog

Stick No Bills™

"Travel posters have never been more in vogue and you can find a meticulously curated, beautifully printed and magnificently displayed collection at STICK NO BILLS™’s flagship gallery at 35 Church Street (tel: +94 91 224 2504 /+94 77 483 4262; /; daily 8am–8pm). The gallery is at the heart of Galle Fort, opposite the Galle Fort Hotel and just a few yards short of the Pedlars’ Street intersection. The maverick British husband and wife team who founded STICK NO BILLS™ in 2010 have since promulgated their vintage and retro-style images of the island nation formerly known as Ceylon so far and wide that they have, in effect, subversively branded post-war Sri Lanka to the world. 

STICK NO BILLS™'s Ceylon/Sri Lanka collection is spread out through every main room of an old colonial townhouse, where the gallerists offer an inspired and historically informative respite from the digital age with their ever-evolving collection of posters and maps celebrating Ceylon’s golden days of mid-century modern travel, along with high quality yet surprisingly inexpensive posters and postcards of the original artworks they curate and create. STICK NO BILLS™’s designer prints make for vibrant and exotic art for your walls – no wonder almost all visitors to Galle Fort walk out of this store with at least one poster tube under their arm!

Some of the most stunning posters and postcards are also for sale at Barefoot’s Bookshop in Colombo."

This article was published in Insight Guides's Travel Blog on 16th May 2016. We are most grateful to their editorial team for giving us such a great review.