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Pocket Maar,1974.

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Title: Pocket Maar.
Poster Released: India,1974.
Film released: India,1974.
Starring: Nazir Hussain, Saira Banu, Prem Chopra, Dharmendra Deol, Shubha Khote & Mehmoud Mumtaz Ali. Director: Ramesh Lakhanpal.
Poster type: Indian lithograph
Dimensions: 31”x 41”x 79 x 104.14cm ( poster ) ,7"x 5"/ 18 x 13cm( postcard ).
Condition: Excellent.
Code: P000108POMINVIP.

This original Indian release offset lithograph poster was originally hand painted by Loombart in 1974 to promote the release that same year of the classic Hindi romantic-comedy Pocket Maar starring Dharmendra Deol, the prolific male actor of the 60s and early 70s. Set in Bombay, the movie tells the story of a smalltime pickpocket (Dharmendra Deol) and his accomplice. The crooks rescue a blind pregnant lady from the hands of would-be- rapists and then embroil her and her grandfather - along with the rich heiresses they try to seduce - in their world of con artistry and skullduggery.