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Press Coverage of The No Bill Piece Prize

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Daily News, Colombo, Sri Lanka. November 28th, 2014. Except from Interview with Meg and Philip James Baber.

Sri Lanka, Nov. 28 -- With only six days to go until Stick No Bills Poster Gallery in Galle Fort announces the winners of the acclaimed No Bill Piece Prize (to be confused with the Nobel Peace Prize), I asked the gallery's mercurial founders Philip James Baber and his wife Meg how they came to be in Galle and what inspired them to launch Twenty First Century Sri Lanka's first Island-Wide, Free-Style, Free-Entry, Pro-Am Poster Design Contest. 

Q: What drew you to Sri Lanka in the first place? 

Surfing. Then we fell in love with each other and in love with Sri Lanka. 

Q: Why are you doing this? 

We wanted to do something original, creative and in celebration of this country's extraordinarily rich heritage and culture. We wanted to start a project that was good for Sri Lanka and good for us: something dynamic, vibrant and cutting edge that would help promote the full potential of this island paradise to the world. 

Q: Why vintage posters of all things? 

Vintage posters encapsulate our obsession with mid-century modern design so we have been collecting them for many years ...

And from

These are some cool Sri Lankan tourism posters. We'd go so far as to call them modern classics. What we're showing here are the winners of the No Bill Piece Prize, organized by the Stick No Bills shop in Galle. 

1. Ceylon Paradise Map - by Mohamed Sabir



First prize went to Mohamed Sabir for his Ceylon Paradise Map. Mohamed is an undergraduate at the Colombo Academy Of Design. This design is awesome because it takes the old Ceylon paradise map (we have a copy) and updates it, both in terms of content and design.

We especially like how he's played with the shape of the island. It's not the 'actual' shape of Sri Lanka at all, but it captures how it feels. We also dig the expressway leading the viewer into the artwork. 

2. Gamarala by Indika Sriyan Gammudali



This faded modern take on gamarala, the village headman, is by Indika Sriyan Gammudali. We know Indika because he did the layout template for YAMU magazine. He also does layout for Echelon magazine and is an all-around brilliant designer. 

This design is awesome because it takes modern minimal design and mixes it with the old-school Ceylon poster style to produce something both very new and anchored in the design ethic of the past. It's also tastefully faded. We dig it.

3. River Rider by Ruwangi Amarasinghe



This image by Ruwangi Amarasinghe shows a boat cutting through a lake full of lotuses. It's simple, beautiful, and an interesting play on light and dark. The top and left side of the image are in shadow as the boatsman emerges out of it.

The Event

The winners have been announced and there will be a prize award ceremony on Thursday the 11th of December. From then the winning designs will be available as posters, post-cards and limited edition signed prints. Again, this is all at the Stick No Bills shop in Galle. 

We think it's a wonderful venture, to crowdsource modern images of Sri Lanka. again, May 2014: Stick No Bills has a sick collections of posters and prints at different price points. They've preserved some really cool artwork and design in the Galle Fort. Definitely worth a visit".