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Zameen Asman, 1972.

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Title: Zameen Asman.
Poster released: India,1972.
Film released: India,1972.
Starring: Yogeeta Bali, Ramesh Deo, Dulari.
Director: A. Veerappan.
Poster type: Indian lithograph.
Dimensions: 21”x 31”/ 53 x 79cm ( poster ) ,7"x 5" / 18 x 13cm( postcard ).
Condition: Excellent.
Code: P000121ZAAINVIP.

This original Indian release offset lithograph poster was first hand-painted in 1972 to promote the release that same year of the Hindi family drama Zameen Aasman. The movie tells the woeful tale of a happy family man, Shanti Swaroop (Ashok Kumar), who falls asunder when he re-marries too hastily to Maya (Indrani Mukherjee) – a treacherous lady who looks uncomfortably close in appearance to his late wife Urmila (also Indrani Mukherjee). In King Lear-esque style, Shanti estranges himself from his children through his obstinacy then loses his eyesight – and his mind - in a fall leaving him hopelessly vulnerable to his conspiring wife and her lover.