Hashtag Travelling - The Mallorca Vintage® collection feature (July 2021)

Hashtag Travelling - The Mallorca Vintage® collection feature (July 2021)

The Mallorca Vintage® collection

Founded in 1905 the Fomento del Turismo de Mallorca has launched the Mallorca Vintage® collection, a series of prints of early travel posters from their archives.

 Hashtag Travelling July 2021 feature of Mallorca Vintage collection by Stick No Bills

The series features nine images of illustrative cartography featured in guidebooks from the 1920’s onwards, as well as watercolours of the island’s landmarks painted in the 1930’s, and rare first edition posters from the late 1940’s and 50’s.

The project is the result of a lockdown collaboration with travel poster art specialists Stick No Bills® who have curated, digitised and remastered the artworks for exclusive publication from their gallery in Palma.

Prints are produced on responsibly harvested, acid-free, fade resistant artboard and 100% cotton-based archival fabric. Proceeds from all sales of the licensed prints go to the humanitarian, conservation, and reforestation projects sponsored by Stick No Bills®.

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