Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the obvious distinctions in price-points and sizes, what are the differences between the Museum Grade Prints and the Premium Edition prints?

What distinguishes our Museum Editions from our Premium Editions? While we strive to ensure sustainability at the same time as maximum possible quality, pictorial depth and breadth of colour gamut across all our prints, we cater for the travel and home decorator markets with our Premium Edition posters and postcards.

Fade resistant and produced on matt art paper these are open edition prints; 'business class' if you like.

Our uniquely numbered and embossed Museum Editions on the other hand, are more honed for the Collector and Alternative Investment Markets; for anyone in fact who wants to ensure their edition lasts with as much brilliance and punch as it does today, for many generations to come. Our Rare 1/9 and 1/1 Editions come inclusive of the gold leaf frame, art market UV defence anti-reflective glazing and shipping with 24 Karat Gold and / or Caplain White Gold applied to the hero lettering by the British royal yacht guilder here in Mallorca. 

If I live in or am traveling to a place where there is a certified Stick No Bills® Flagship Gallery such as Mallorca, Sri Lanka or Skåne County Sweden can I pay a reduced price for prints if I pick them up at a Stick No Bills® Flagship Gallery?

Absolutely! When you collect from our principle bricks and mortar galleries in person we can always offer you a better deal than we can online as we do not have to cover international shipping fees. We can also offer framing, local delivery via van and/or tuk tuk and professional hanging services. So please don't hesitate to reach out via or the chat box on this site.

But what about carrying the rolled poster or flat packed prints on a plane or boat? Will the prints get damaged in my suitcase or will the airline tell me I cannot carry them as hand luggage?

In providing travellers with posters and prints of all shapes and sizes since 2011, we have never had a complaint about our dent resistant packaging being insufficient to withstand long haul travel in a suitcase. Nor have we yet heard of an airline that has refused our clients the ability to carry the flat pack or tube as hand luggage. Never say never, but we detail this track record to give you confidence to travel with your prints. The chances of being unlucky in either regard are, in our informed opinion, negligible.

If I email you my tax identity name, number and fiscal address might my order be tax deductible?

Quite possibly depending on where you are ordering from. Email to check. We can raise an invoice corresponding to your order no problem.

Can I order Premium Edition prints wholesale from Stick No Bills®?

Yes. Since 2014 we have supplied prestigious retail partners, located in the heart of iconic travel destinations, with best selling open edition postcards and posters of our images at highly competitive rates, inclusive of shipping. Please contact for more details.

What does shipping cost?

Insured and trackable shipping is entirely free for all B2C (Business To Customer) orders over £53 / €60 and £15 / €18 for orders under £50 / €60. For B2B orders we address shipping costs case by case in fair collaboration with our retail partners.

So if you or your friend will be the ´end user´ of the poster art we deliver we encourage you to make the most of the free shipping offer by avoiding singular purchases of our most economic designs; specifically singular open edition posters from our inaugural Sri Lanka and inaugural Mallorca collections and / or singular premium editions 50 or 70cm / 20 x 28" or smaller in size.

We are not liable for any Customs Levies (Duty, VAT, additional taxes) that may be charged on your delivery (in our experience to date, this happens very rarely).

Do you ship to my area?

Yes, we ship internationally. No destination on terra firma is too far but just please be aware that different shipping zones have differing delivery times and some couriers boycott deliveries to certain territories from time to time in reaction to macro economic and political developments beyond our control. We will always do our best to reach you.

When will I receive my order?

Delivery of unframed prints is within a maximum of 16 business days of your order. In the majority of cases, especially for packages bound for destinations within Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, shipping times tend to be a lot faster.

This timeframe excludes any country-specific customs delays or delays in finding someone to accept the order at the delivery address. Unfortunately, we are not in control of those variables.

For framed prints bought ´off the wall´ shipping time is usually within 16 business days. For framed prints made to order shipping time is within 26 business days of receiving payment in full.

If you have an urgent order, let us know at and we’ll do our utmost, in collaboration with our courier partners, to deliver sooner. 

How is my order packaged?

Your Premium Edition prints will arrive rolled in Stick No Bills® branded robust tubes. Our biodegradable yet dent-resistant tubes and flat packs are produced using 90% recycled materials. In defiance of today's single-use plastic and disposable culture, we have designed them as 'gifts for life' that you or the recipient of your gift can re-use for many years to come.

Postcards and A3 size limited edition prints on art board are carefully packed into ply-board reinforced flat packs to ensure mint condition on arrival. 

How do I remove my Premium Edition posters from my tube? They appear to be 'stuck' to the inside of the tube.

When we roll and pack our open edition posters into the tubes they spring out to fill the full interior width of the tube completely. You can 'twiddle' the prints out of the tube by putting two fingers inside, pressed against the prints, and then gently twisting and pulling them toward you at the same time. You will find that when you do this the prints slide out of the tube easily. Please note that the white edge is there to protect the print and so can be cropped by your framer to give the print a more vintage look within a mount and / or frame.

On the other hand, should you wish to select an 'off the shelf', 'do-it-yourself' frame for your posters, you may find that if you source a 61 x 91cm frame the edge serves to make the print fit perfectly within the frame, with the edge effectively serving to look like a 2cm white mount. We cannot guarantee this however, as the specific dimensions of the frame you source are variables beyond our control. So we must stress again that the edge is there as protection first and foremost, not as an aspect of the actual artwork it encases and we cannot guarantee therefore, that the protective edge will always arrive in mint condition.

How do I remove my rolled limited edition prints from the tube or box they arrive in?

When you carefully cut open your package you will find your limited edition inside it is wrapped in acid free tissue paper. We include white cotton gloves in the package, inserted at one end. This is so you can put the gloves on before unrolling and unveiling the limited edition, so as to be able to handle the giclée without any risk of tarnishing it. We suggest you hand the gloves over to your framer so they can take the same protective measures when they frame your limited edition for you.

Can I request you add a personal gift note to my order?

In the case of museum grade giclée limited editions the answer is yes. Email with the exact wording and we shall write it onto a miniature 9 x 13cm archival quality Stick No Bills® postcard for insertion into the giclée pack along with the certificate of authenticity.

How do I track my order?

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an email confirming your purchase. As soon as your order is dispatched (typically within 72 hours), we’ll send you the courier Tracking Number which can be tracked on the courier’s website (don’t worry, we’ll include the link). Email for any further queries regarding tracking your delivery.

How do I edit / exchange / return my order?

Once processed, all sales are final. Refunds are not given but feel free to get in touch with if you need to edit your order and we’ll do our best to accommodate you if the email comes quick enough.

Specific to our Europe Flagship and Poster Printworks gallery in Palma De Mallorca exchanges can be accepted and facilitated ¨in gallery¨ within 30 business days of the order date so long as the product was not personalised for you and remains in its original mint condition. You can either return the order via insured courier (at your cost) or pass by one of our galleries to make the exchange. 

My order arrived but it is different from what I ordered, what should I do?

We take great pride and care in fulfilling your order but occasionally things do not go as expected. Please let us know as soon as possible on so we can rectify the situation. Please do not return any items before contacting us.

My order has arrived but is damaged, what should I do?

Our custom-made poster tubes are renowned for being 'bulletproof' (more-so than most standard tubes available in the mass market) and our global courier partners are the world's most professional express shipping service providers.

So we have had very rare incidences of customers reporting damaged stock to date. In the unlucky event of your package reaching you in damaged condition; if it appears highly likely this damage has happened in transit rather than at our point of source (i.e. by one of our packaging team members), it is really important - for insurance claim purposes - that you do not sign to accept the item from the courier company as received in good condition and that you photograph the damaged exterior of the tube or box of flat-pack immediately, in front of the courier personnel before you sign for it as received in damaged condition.

We do replace damaged stock subject on receipt of very clear photographic evidence shot in a good light from multiple angles (both close in and overview), proving the prints have been damaged, i.e. the actual artwork; not just the excess 2cm edge which we add to protect the artwork and to give your framer a margin to grip. We can issue replacements if we receive this categorical evidence within one business day of your receipt of the goods addressed to

We promise to ship your replacement within one week of your notification or, in the case of your return of prints in order to obtain alternative prints, our receipt of your returned goods and payment in full for the costs of the return.
We shall then arrange for delivery of the correct item or replacement for a damaged item to be dispatched to you within the following twenty-one working days.

Please do not return any items to us before contacting us at

Thank you and best regards,

Meg Gage Williams, Co-Founder & CEO.