Look after your staff and they will look after your clients. It´s that simple” says Aviator Richard Branson, our neighbour in beautiful Mallorca. We could not agree more. 

We equity partners at Stick No Bills® regard integrity as sacrosanct and strive for excellence in our role as employers. 

Customer-focused, highly ambitious, multicultural and multilingual, global in our mission, we do not hire lightly as we aim to retain our key personnel for the long term, nurturing their professional development and enabling them to flourish within our enterprise. 

We reward hard work, tenacity, clear communication and reliability by offering loyal staff opportunities to potentially move from one territory to another after their first year with us. Those who have supported us consistently for many years also gain opportunities for taking sabbaticals and or mini-retirements where practicable. 

To summarise: our people are incredibly precious to us.

Could you be the next rising star to join our amazing team? If so please email ref “Application for employment”.

Employment Opportunities in Palma De Mallorca 
Sales Assistant Europe Flagship Gallery.  (First posted in May 2023. Updated 27.07.23 1700hrs. Start date: immediate.
Sales Assistant Global Poster Art Gallery at Imprint Nueva Balear. Posted 27.07.23 1100hrs on Start date: 04.08.23.

Internships: We love to support, inspire and learn from the generations that are on the rise. We offer Erasmus and Spanish University Apprenticeships. We also offer school leavers internships. Contact ref "Internships" to learn more.