Giving Back

We believe in giving back. 

From the outset we have championed the importance of striving to be a force for good in the local communities wherein we have grown. 

To this day the Founders of Stick No Bills® remain intent on proving to our daughters that a family-run, creative business such as ours can flourish, enabling its staff, key suppliers and their families to prosper with us long term, while also being profitable enough to serve as a sustainable funding source for the vital humanitarian, philanthropic, sporting and environmental projects that we support.
Farrah and Alexa, the daughters of Co Founders of Stick No Bills
In Asia a fixed percentage of all profits from all purchases of Stick No Bills® Ceylon / Sri Lanka posters go to the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society Specifically we aid this non-profit foundation’s long-standing efforts to protect the island’s highly endangered remaining 4,500 wild elephants by mitigating human-elephant conflict on the island which results in an average of 220 elephants being killed each year at the most recent count.    
We will always be grateful to surf champion Stephanie Gilmore for letting us interrupt her sublime victory at the final, Hawaii-leg of her 2017 world championship tour to sign limited editions of A Wave Of Your Own to help us raise funds for the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society.   
Surf champion Stephanie Gilmore signing Wave of Her Own, Ceylon poster in support of Sri Lankan Wildlife Society

We elected the Australian super star as the Stick No Bills® heroine because she represents everything we love. Stephanie is free, she is brave, she is indefatigable, she surfs with style and grace and she is always humble when she wins. Stephanie also shares our passion for clean waves, for protecting the environment and the world's most endangered species.  

With Stephanie and her cousin Whitneys’ help we have risen over the past three years to become a major corporate sponsor of the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society. As of April 2019 the Sri Lankan Wildlife Conservation Society has recognised us as one of their few 'major corporate sponsors' for giving a fixed percentage of proceeds on each and every sale of every single image in our Ceylon / Sri Lanka collection to their wild elephant protection projects.

Elephants walking in Sri Lanka, text describing what the Sri Lankan Wildlife Society does to help

In 2012 we founded the Galle Fort Market in Law Court Square (now reincarnated as The Good Market We also began sponsoring The Galle Heritage Foundation at this time, to help fund their vital “mission to conserve Galle Fort as a historic city centre of the utmost archaeological importance and to develop it to be a tourist centre of excellence.”   

In 2013, in collaboration with other business owners in Galle we became founding members of Greener Galle, the community-launched initiative to, among other things, transform Galle Fort into the world's first carbon-neutral living UNESCO heritage city.  

We are grateful to the British Airways Heritage Centre's Distinguished and much-adored Curator Paul Jarvis (R.I.P) for giving us exclusive permission to sell our  21st century prints of our original authenticated vintage B.O.A.C [British Overseas Air Corporation] silkscreen prints.

In exchange we have been glad to donate proceeds from all sales of our B.O.A.C prints to the British Airways Heritage Centre. Should any other major airlines be interested in give us a licence to print any of their archived travel posters in exchange for a licence fee please contact REF airline poster copyright. 

We also give proceeds from sales of specific Ceylon / Sri Lanka posters to The Galle Heritage Foundation to help fund the organisation's vital “mission to conserve Galle Fort as a historic city centre of the utmost archaeological importance and to develop it to be a tourist centre of excellence.”   

In 2018 we also became sponsors of the fledgling Surfing Federation Of Sri Lanka which exists to gain Sri Lanka’s inclusion in the worldwide surfing community, to prepare a national team equipped to compete at international level on the World Surf League tour and at the Olympics and to provide a pathway for the local surfers to excel and give them a voice in the future of world surfing.

In Europe a fixed percentage of all profits from all purchases of our Iberia (Mallorca/Islas Baleares) posters go to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, and profits of specific poster designs to The United Nations' Refugee Agency (UNHCR 

Since 2018 we have fundraised for Save The Med Foundation’s crucial eco-maritime conservation efforts to promote more sustainable and environmentally sensitive travel across the Mediterranean region. We do this by contributing a fixed percentage of all proceeds raised through sale of five Islas Baleares-orientated images featuring water-sports and cruise ships to this formidable Balearics-born organisation. 

We also donate proceeds from all sales of Mia to The Humming Bird Initiative to bring direct access to water to remote villagers in East Africa.

Most recently we have also contributed proceeds from sales of framed limited edition sales to The Red Cross and The Fero Foundation's cure cancer research mission

When you buy our prints, you help us fund all these vital initiatives. So, we, along with all our stakeholders, thank you wholeheartedly for your support.