In a world full of noise, let’s make some music

In a world full of noise, let’s make some music

"In a world full of noise, let’s make some music" says our Global Content Editor Kiki.

And, so it is that I @meginmallorca am, with this post, passing “The SNB Voice Main Feed” baton over to accomplished broadcaster, author and editor Kiki and our formidable social media manager Abril Lladó.

Why? Because you guys deserve an experiential upgrade of our centre stage. Plus, I have some overdue parenting, licensing and fundraising to see to.

So, our curator Irene Orgaz, our managing director Carlos Andreu and I have been vetting all possible marketing succession options for some time now and I can honestly say, off the back of 90 days immersive handover training, that with Kiki King and Abril Lladó powered by our images and products you are in THE safest hands we could possibly elect for this vital role.

You are about to undergo a free upgrade from business to first class, from turning right to turning left as you board the @sticknobillsposters plane.

Plus there comes a time when a brand outgrows the micromanaging tendencies of its founders and that time is now.

Kiki studied History at Edinburgh University while I was her exact peer studying English Lit at the same centre of excellence. While, back then, we moved in overlapping yet distinct circles, when I moved to Mallorca 8 years ago we immediately became firm friends.

 In my and my late husband Philips’ imprescindible friend’s own words:
“There is nothing I love more than working with a brand I believe in to make sure they are telling their story just right.”

Over to you Kiks. I shall still be here daily, providing my hyperactive view of the unfolding of our odyssey from @sticknobillsposters stories and also from my fledgling personal account @meginmallorca so stay tuned and hasta pronto amigos! Xo

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