Stick No Bills® is an ethical enterprise that upholds image authenticity, ownership and copyright as paramount. 

The Archives Design Group (UK) is a London-based image design and antique poster archives company.

The Archives Design Group (UK) owns many of the rare antique original posters shown on the Stick No Bills® website. These original vintage posters dating back to the 1870s have been sourced via and / or authenticated by accredited International Vintage Poster Dealer Association (IVDPA) members. New York-sprung, non-profit and founded by esteemed vintage poster dealers from North America and Europe in 1996, the IVPDA is the world’s leading authority on original posters.

The Archives Design Group is responsible for honouring the true, attested moral and economic rights pertaining to all images licensed to Stick No Bills®. 

In the few cases of original vintage travel posters replicated by Stick No Bills®, where The Archives Design Group (UK) does not own the original poster and / or copyright restrictions still apply, The Archives Design Group (UK) pays a licence fee to respected third party owners, such as The National Archives Company or Mary Evans Picture Library in the United Kingdom, for the exclusive right to replicate the said third party’s original poster.

Wherever a copyright deed of assignment or usage rights agreemement permits, The Archives Design Group (UK) grants Stick No Bills® the right to reproduce its original and retro travel poster designs.

While very high resolution in their original form, these high resolution images have been intentionally reduced to low resolution in all Stick No Bills® online marketing collateral in order to protect copyright.

In some cases of original vintage posters created by artists in the early to mid 20th century, it has taken years of painstaking on-the-ground investigation and legal navigation, to track down the institution, the producer and / or the (often hitherto-oblivious) heirs to the estate of the original artists - some of them based in the most far-flung highlands and lowlands of the world - to strike a copyright or licensing deal with them, whereby legal entitlement to produce twenty first century editions is guaranteed.

Once each original artwork and or first edition print of the artwork has been secured, the Stick No Bills® Creative team photograph the old and often damaged and faded artefact and then spend days, sometime weeks, digitally remastering the high resolution file to restore the image to its former glory. This process is followed by weeks and sometimes months of colour adjusting and test printing before the poster proof is perfected and ready to be put into production.  

We hope this background detail helps underscore how at The Archives Design Group & Stick No Bills, championing artists´ and - where applicable - trademark owners´ - rights is fundamental to what we do.

Should you have a legitimate requirement for a digital preview in higher resolution or for usage rights on any of The Archives Design Group's images in their higher resolution forms please email with your request.

All rights in the design, text, graphics software and other material on our site and the selection or arrangement thereof are licensed to Stick No Bills® Posters courtesy of The Archives Design Group Ltd and its licensors.

The use of any images, files or other intellectual property data on our website, whether for educational, one-off publishing (book, media or motion picture) or commercial purposes is therefore only permitted with our written consent and, where necessary, The Archives Design Group and / or its licensor´s issuance of a usage rights permissions agreement. 

Any entity identified as replicating or in any other manner commercially gaining from the exploitation of images owned by The Archives Design Group (UK) Ltd without proof of written permission and / or without due accreditation will be asked to cease their infringement / information piracy activity and to provide a proposal as to the payment of damages commensurate with the loss of business and dilution of the Stick No Bills® and / or licensor's brand in the digital advertising, printed marketing, fine art print and poster sales arenas worldwide. If an adequate response is not received within seven working days, litigation will begin.

In all such infringement instances to date, the founders of Stick No Bills® Posters have donated the payments made to us for damages by individuals and companies illegally replicating our images to the humanitarian, heritage and conservation causes that we sponsor.

By the same token, we also promise to donate at least 20% of all usage rights fees paid to us by advertising agencies, stock photography agencies, film production companies, publishing houses, government tourism or cultural institutions or tea, travel, surf, luxury hotel and advertising agencies, to these vital causes. For us its never been about becoming obsessively litigious. Its about respect for copyright. 

PDG Royalties Testimonial - Mary Evans Picture Library
"The Archives Design Group team have been proactive, professional and punctual with their license fee payments since 2016. The work done by the charities which their retailing partner - Stick No Bills® - fundraises for is so important."

 Jessica Talmage, Picture Research Manager
Mary Evans Picture Library. 
Established 1964.
59 Tranquil Vale, London SE3 OBS


Copyright Thought Leader Testimonial - JWP

"I have over the years advised Stick No Bills® regarding the law of copyright. Stick No Bills® is a reputable player in the replicable art market that is passionate about the importance of upholding copyright. It makes perfect sense to me that they have evolved into being a safe harbour and printing centre of excellence for historic poster art archives worldwide. I wish them every success."

John Wilson, Managing Principal, 1999 to the present, John Wilson Partners.
Former Senior Co-Chair of Intellectual Property & Entertainment Law Committee of the International Bar Association.

Established in 1920 by the late Senator John Wilson, John Wilson Partners has long been regarded as a leading Sri Lankan legal practice, providing service in the areas of civil litigation, commercial law and notarial practice to corporations, financial institutions and individuals.