New Poster Collection Launch: Berlin

New Poster Collection Launch: Berlin

Berling Calling!

We’re delighted to launch our Berlin Collection of licensed poster art works, the latest in our City Destination collaboration with renowned artist Mads Berg.
Mads has captured the German capital in all its avant garde, modernist-style glory, turning the cities’ most iconic historical landmarks into motifs that reflect urban beauty with a sassy kick of inimitable style that celebrates the resilience of Berlin’s reinvention. 
Berlin is a city like none other. A pulsating metropolis that is unapologetically diverse, creative and spirited to its very core. Where individuality sits alongside community like nowhere else, street art sidles up against sleek architecture, the old blends with the new, innovation with tradition and sweeping chords of classical music can be heard from one window while deep techno emanates from another.
Mads Berg on his Stick No Bills Berlin Collection: Berlin is to me like the brave beating heart of northern European society and style. A cosmopolitan masterpiece full of the very finest examples of Bauhaus and modernist architecture and Art Deco trends. It’s been a privilege to co-create these nine artworks with Stick No Bills; it means I have now co-created 49 poster designs with Philip James Baber (RIP). I’m looking forward to co-creating many more Stick No Bills posters alongside Phil’s great friend and now incoming Creative Director Angela Hartwick.”
Collect a slice of Berlin’s energy, vivacity and style. The Berlin collection is available in our entire range of sizes, from 1 of 1 singular Master Edition art prints to Limited Edition numbered fine art prints with 24k gold embossing on Hahnemühle cotton fabric to Premium posters in four different sizes and our Metallics range.
Explore the collection here and remember, like with all our Mad Berg/Stick No Bills collaborations, we donate a percentage of each poster sold to Médecins San Frontières.
The image brings the total number of art deco style posters co-created by The Poster Design Group's Creative Director and Denmark’s top illustrator Mads Berg to forty-nine. We are showcasing the series here as one international collection for the very first time.
Click on any of the images to navigate to our online sales platform where you can become an investor in a museum grade limited or premium grade open edition print of one of these sought-after Anglo-Danish designs.
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