Stick No Bills & Mads Berg

Stick No Bills & Mads Berg


Mads Berg is a multiple award-winning Danish illustrator whose name has become synonymous with modern art deco style graphic art. 

Prolific, represented at the Danish National Design Archives at the Design Museum, Mads’ soulful ability to design motifs imbued with an exceptional level of dynamic grace that celebrate humanity’s ability to, in his words, "enjoy life" is quite literally a hope-filled treasure we are honoured to export far and wide via our posters.

His creative collaboration with Stick No Bills® dates back to 2014 and spans three territories: Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our most recent collections together include Barcelona, Vienna and Berlin.

Inspired by the greats in our own vintage poster art collection, we first began working on our co-creation of 21st century travel posters in Sri Lanka so that we could bring a fresh new impetus to our vintage poster style proposition.

In 2023 we took our joint venture to a whole new level by becoming his globally appointed art sales and print fulfilment partner, not just for the designs co-created with us but also for the entire Mads Berg archive.

Entrusting us to safeguard and raise the prestige of so much invaluable intellectual property stems from Mads’ trust in our ethos and expansive poster art sales abilities. This is a huge honour for Stick No Bills; an opportunity for which we are extremely grateful and to which we intend to do full justice.

The merging of our image library with that of Mads’ redoubles the potency, variety, thematic and geographic reach of our overall collection, not least because Mads has been commissioned by many of the most iconic brand names in the travel, sport and fashion arenas over the past twenty years.

Mads brings with him images initially created for many household names such as Coca Cola, The Robb Report, The Belmond Group, Verbier ski resort, Wimbledon, Campari, The World Ski Championships & Giorgio Armani; renowned illustrations which we are now honoured to add to our collection with due royalties going to Mads and due permissions granted from the original production entities.

We hear it over and over again, these poster artworks create singular moments of magic thanks to the particular level of abstraction in the signature art deco style Mads and Phil Baber (✝) developed together over the years. Looking at one pulls you in, allows you to put your worries aside and become one of these imaginary heroes and heroines, wherever they may be.

You are catching that wave, summiting that mountain, diving into the crisp cool ocean and basking on a rocky outcrop next to a waterfall in uninterrupted sunlight; you are leaning out the window of a tram into clean Mediterranean air, serving that ace or walking arm-in-arm with the love of your life dressed to the nines and heading out for the night of your life. You are safe and all is well. The journey has just begun…
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