The birth of Stick No Bills Global Printworks & Poster Gallery at Imprenta Nueva Balear

The birth of Stick No Bills Global Printworks & Poster Gallery at Imprenta Nueva Balear

It was back in those strange months of re-emerging into the world in the spring of 2020 when Roberto Aguiló Moro first invited my late husband Philip James Baber and I “backstage” to the giant printworks run by his family. I had passed the Imprenta Nueva Balear building behind the Corté Inglés on Avenidas many times and peered in through its windows, but when Roberto invited us in, we were stunned. Had it not been for our face masks, Roberto would have seen just how far our jaws dropped.

Not only did we discover a beautifully preserved and still fully functioning taller – workshop – active since 1913, but also the wonderfully singular and hard-working family who have proudly maintained operations there for 111 years. We discovered a father and son team uniquely able to make first class typographic prints from their tank-like, 12-ton Albert Rosenthal and Heidelberg Medusas; machines their great-grandfather and grandfather had first switched on in 1913 and 1960, respectively. Industrial age wrought iron technology rendered obsolete so long ago that not even the modern-day companies that first manufactured these beasts know how to work them anymore. We were immediately compelled, by recognition of the historical import of what we found, to find a way to forge a strategic and operational alliance with Roberto and his sister Belén, to whom this heritage business has been passed on.

As we spoke and spent time going through their incredible archive, talking about the past as well as the future, we realised our vision was a shared one; to dust off and digitise the best of Imprenta Nueva Balear’s own archives, amassed over decades, to then open the doors of this wonderful historic building to the public for the very first time. To use our poster art expertise to breathe new life into the physical space and help their story resonate around the world.

Today, stepping into this giant, high-ceilinged elegant Printworks is to be transported back to the Mallorca of the last century, while our joint craftsmanship and dedication also provides a Stick No Bills branded and licensed vision for a dynamic future bedecked with our impeccably remastered poster artworks; carefully curated and fully authorised for first release right here.

I am so proud to walk into this magnificent space and see our licensed poster artworks mounted high in the epic rafters for all to enjoy. 

These include the early -to-mid 20th century prints produced on site by the Aguiló family on order of commercial clients to advertise cultural and sporting events, fiestas and nightclubs, to the treasure trove Stick No Bills brings with our world-leading collection of authentic, officially licensed destination marketing posters produced by the greatest travel brands of the 20th Century including Pan Am, British Airways, Lufthansa, Panagra, Braniff International and the Fomento del Turismo de Mallorca.

This complete and outward looking visual history is manifest as fully authorised, mint condition 21st century prints produced on order of Stick No Bills on site by Roberto Aguiló and available for purchase in multiple sizes ranging from postcards right up to huge 100 x 150cm museum grade Limited Edition prints produced on 100% cotton-based archival fabric. All of our posters are printed only on premium heavyweight matt finish paper stock and superior quality cotton canvas.

From the modern working studio of the Imprenta Nueva Balear we use the most advanced printing technology available for our Giclée prints. The state-of-the-art, latest generation Fine Art Epson Large Format Printer applies archival quality, pigmented inks that are guaranteed to be fade-proof for 75 years when micro-sprayed onto Hahnemuele 100% cotton-based fabric. The result is so enriched and velvety to touch that many first time viewers think they are looking at the original paintings we are reviving. 

Today, the Stick No Bills Global Printworks & Poster Gallery at Imprenta Nueva Balear represents our shared vision, a passion for curating and promoting true, human artistic and design excellence from the past for the future. We look forward to welcoming you, and we hope it will be very soon.
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