Wanderlust for your walls: licensed aviation

Wanderlust for your walls: licensed aviation

At Stick No Bills we are proud to be the officially, globally licensed and endorsed poster art specialists of the most iconic aviation brands of all time, including Pan Am, BOAC, Lufthansa and Braniff International. 

What does this mean? It means these airlines, whether they are still operational companies or legacy trademark heirs, have entered into a licensing agreement with Stick No Bills to officially curate, digitise, remaster, print and promulgate their visual heritage. It is precious cargo indeed, and we are very proud to have become, in a relatively short period of time, the world-leading safe harbour for this creative legacy.

Our Airlines Collection charts the worldwide advent of commercial aviation via hand-painted destination marketing illustrations produced on order of the most prestigious airline companies of their time to lure a first generation of jet setters to fly to exotic places previously only accessible via boat, rail or road. 

As a vital subplot in the context of the history of art and advertising, the collection viewed as a whole also tells the story of the evolution of pre-photographic era typographic and graphic art and design pioneered by the greatest commercial illustrators of the twentieth century; many of them hitherto unsung heroes who we feel privileged to now represent.

The quality, colours and composition speak for themselves. Our remastered posters are as vibrant and exciting as they were when they were first created as silkscreens or lithographic prints, now given a whole new longer lease of life thanks to our harnessing of cutting edge technology that was not available when the first editions were produced.

Remember, each and every poster artwork you’ll find at Stick No Bills respects copyright, pays royalties to attested authors and is printed only on sustainably-sourced materials applying fade-resistant, non-toxic “inks you could drink”.

Explore our Airlines Collection today, it’s just like stepping into a First Class airline lounge circa 1969. 

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