Conde Nast asking Stick No Bills the Local Know How on Galle Fort

Condé Nast Traveler asks Stick No Bills® Founder to provide "Local Know How" (February 2016)

In February 2016 Condé Nast Traveler published an interview with Meg Baber in which the Founder of Stick No Bills® provides Local Know How on Galle Fort wherein her flagship gallery is located.

"Avoid the midday heat and enter by the British (eastern) gate. Come early. Start with a coffee or coconut juice at the cigar table on the resplendent terrace of the Amangalla Hotel from where you can watch the chattering school kids and their sari-clad teachers walk past.

Then, turn south down the golden mile of Church Street, perhaps only as far as Church Cross Street so as not to miss out on the delicious food and more intimate atmosphere of Fortaleza (or perhaps so you can abandon your loved-ones there for an hour while you sneak back out on to Church Street to discover the art stores, antiques warehouses, clothing boutiques and 89 jewellery shops in solitude).

Enjoy beetroot gazpacho at the airy Fort Printers for lunch before exploring Pedlars Street; first west then track back east towards the southern ramparts and the lighthouse. The latter is best arrived at after 4pm so you can then enjoy walking the elevated grassy circumference of the fort, culminating at the granite clock tower overlooking the Indian ocean and the cricket stadium for sunset.

Catch a tuk tuk from there to Sugar Bistro in the Dutch Hospital for relaxed dining and an occidental reprieve from the intensity of the technicolour tropical dream outside. Visit the monthly flea market held in breathtaking Law Court Square and, if you are as hooked as I am, join, our community-launched initiative to turn this incredible fortified town into the world’s first carbon neutral UNESCO living heritage city.

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