Stick No Bills and 8 Billion Trees Collaboration - Picture a Greener Planet

8 Billion Trees & Stick No Bills® - Picture a Greener Planet

Picture A Greener Planet

Mike Muse, Operations Director at 8 Billion Trees reports on Stick No Bills® Commitment to Offsetting Carbon

Deforestation and carbon emissions are a serious problem for the planet. The world’s finest poster art enterprise Stick No Bills® takes this problem seriously. So, four years ago, their British founders started looking for a way to help eliminate their carbon footprint and also to ensure that the environment didn’t suffer from their printing process and paper consumption.

Leaning on the organization 8 Billion Trees to help them reduce their footprint and plant trees, they are creating more than beautiful prints – through partnering with 8 Billion Trees they are creating a greener, brighter world for tomorrow.

And, as a company that specializes in printing exclusively licensed and embossed poster art, that’s a big accomplishment!

Reducing Carbon Emissions, Planting and Conserving Trees

Curating and creating poster art prints using premium materials makes Stick No Bills® an expert in historic artworks celebrating the golden eras of travel to iconic destinations ... but this company is also dedicated to “giving back.”

In addition to supporting a number of worthy initiatives with fixed percentages of proceeds from their sales, the Sri Lanka and Mallorca-headquartered business is one of the founding members of Greener Galle, a community-launched initiative to establish Galle Fort as the world's first carbon-neutral living UNESCO heritage city!

Backing up their bold words with even bolder action, Stick No Bills® has been supporting the efforts of 8 Billion Trees to restore and rehabilitate devastated forestlands and animal habitats around the globe.

8 Billion Trees Reviews The HUGE Impact of Stick No Bills®

8 Billion Trees is dedicated to replanting areas that have been devastated by massive clearing and deforestation with the goal of restoring the planet’s biodiversity, rebuilding habitats for precious wildlife species, and removing harmful carbon from the environment.

And Stick No Bills has been supporting their efforts since the very beginning.

Currently, 8 Billion Trees repopulates native tree species in 20 different countries around the world and it helps preserve existing forests and protect wildlife.

And, because every tree planted by 8 Billion Trees is matched with another 10 that are conserved, supporters actually go above and beyond simply reducing their carbon footprint...they go carbon positive!

As of March 2021 Stick No Bills® has planted a whopping 240 trees and conserved an additional 2,400.

That means 489,928 pounds of carbon have been sequestered in just a small amount of time...with the amount growing every month - all because of Stick No Bills’ commitment to living out their eco-conscious mission.

Making an impact on a global scale can seem out of reach for most of us. Sure, we know that individual recycling efforts and other things we do to preserve the planet are crucial, but the ability to make big changes can often seem out of reach.

Fortunately, it’s not.

Stick No Bills®’ efforts to restore the planet and make it a greener place to live by are a testament to what’s possible when you’re willing to take action in the fight against the deforestation crisis.

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