The No Bill Piece Prize

Could you be the 2024 winner of this prestigious international poster design contest which we founded in 2014?

Stick No Bills® wants you to help us spearhead a renaissance in the travel poster art movement through the generation of iconic images of the world's most iconic travel destinations. 


Poster for the competition, The No Bill Peace Prize


To fulfil this objective we extend an open, time-constraint-free invitation to artists and illustrators from all around the world to participate in the No Bill Piece Prize (to be confused with the Nobel Peace Prize).

This is a Free-Style, Free-Entry, Pro-Am Poster Design Competition, first launched in association with the Academy of Design’s International Design Campus, Barefoot Gallery Colombo and Artra, the leading contemporary art magazine. 

Stick No Bills® is offering handsome cash prizes for the creation of vintage-style travel posters that fit with our brand and help us project the allure of these incredible destinations to the world.

The No Bill Piece Prize, founded in Asia in 2014, now runs on an open-ended and international basis. This means submissions can be made anytime on any date in the year from anywhere in the world simply by emailing a low (1-2MB) resolution image of the proposed poster artwork to

Terms and conditions. Entrance into this poster design contest is free. Entries must be original creations of the contestants.

This competition is free-style so any medium can be applied including colour screen-printing, block printing, water-colour or oil painting, photography, graffiti, or mixed media. All original artworks from which the final image is derived must be either hand drawn or hand painted. We are specifically not looking for wholly computed generated images using software like coral draw. 

If we fall in love with the design and we instantly feel that it will fit well within the Stick No Bills® collection, we shall contact the entrant immediately to confirm the cash prize value we shall offer in exchange for the artist's "buy-out" release of the original artwork and the associated high resolution image thereof.

The original artwork or design must be portrait and printable as a poster without any pixilation in large format up to 30 x 40 inches. Submissions must consist of the original artwork where applicable, along with a high quality, reduced resolution (72DPI i.e. 1MB - to max 2MB) image or photograph of the final design piece in portrait format, converted into TIF, JPEG or PDF files.

Submissions need to be handed in via e-mail to REF: "No Bill Piece Prize" and the title of the design. On the winners’ receipt of their cash prizes, all rights to the winning designs transfer to The Archives Design Group (UK) Ltd, a London-based archives company that grants Stick No Bills® the right to use its images.

If the winning entrant is happy to reveal his / her identity and to receive resultant publicity, we shall accredit the artwork to them and promote them on our website and in our marketing collateral. While copyright transfers to the Archives Design Group Ltd when the cash prize is awarded, the winners, like all illustrators collaborating with Stick No Bills®, always reserve the right to use digital images of their winning designs in their own online marketing collateral in perpetuity albeit only of our final and watermarked version of the image.

Submissions that do not meet the above terms and conditions will be disqualified.

May the world's greatest living poster designers win!