"Stick No Bills, they put the soul back into poster design."

Paul Weller, singer, songwriter and musician.

“Creativity takes courage", Henri Matisse.

A warm welcome to the official website of Stick No Bills® . For ten years we have been passionately spearheading a renaissance in the art of the poster.

Then, in 2020, the sheer speed with which all of humanity underwent an extreme change that has been near cataclysmic in terms of its consequences, inspired us to initiate something extraordinary, and together with the seven best poster artists on the planet we formed an art collective called ‘The Poster Design Group’. 

The Poster Design Group is changing poster design forever and Stick No Bills® is the vehicle for this design revolution.

We strive to take our work consistently forward, to stir (your) emotions, to take (you) back in time. For us to reach ‘Design Nirvana’ Stick No Bills is and will always be, “all about the image”. 

Philip James Baber, Co-Founder & Creative Director Stick No Bills®.

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There are posters and then there are POSTERS, as in bona fide designs, as in Stick No Bills.

Antonia Carver, Director, Art Dubai 2010 - 2016 and Director, United Arab Emirates Arts Foundation 2016 to the present.

"If zombies were closing in on me again I'd grab my shotgun, my wife, my kids and my Stick No Bills Limited Editions...."

Andrew Lincoln, Actor, Director.

"These incredibly beautiful posters take you back to a bygone era of luxury travel, unhindered by the constraints of modern tourism. When travel was an adventure to mysterious places where you saw mysterious things. When men were studs and women exotic".

Sadie Frost, Producer, Director, Actress.