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Colombo, Ceylon (from the series 'Our Trade with the East'). Artist: Kenneth Denton Shoesmith (b.1890, d.1939).  Poster originally released: United Kingdom, 1927 by the Empire Marketing Board. Uptown, Baseline Road, Colombo, 2014. Volkswagen Ambulance, Sri Lanka, 1970s retro. Poster released: Sri Lanka, 2014.

When the war ended in Sri Lanka in 2009, my husband; a tsunami survivor and I, a former insurgency/security risk analyst, wanted to 'be the change we wanted to see in the world' by doing something good for the country and good for us; something original and uplifting that would raise positive awareness about this remarkable island's rich heritage and stunning natural beauty all around the world. For too long Sri Lanka had been associated in most overseas peoples' minds with terrorism, the tsunami and human rights issues. We wanted to cast light on the other side of the story here on this island of extremes. What better way to tap into the aspirations and the journey of a nation then through a celebration of its poster art movement? So there began the making of Stick No Bills.

Eight years on and, with much thanks for the collaboration of our second-to-none suppliers, the dedication of our amazing, all-female gallery team and the enthusiasm of our myriad customers, we have expanded our proposition to another island of astounding natural beauty: Mallorca thus prints of our travel posters of both islands can now be found on the walls of literally thousands of homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes and offices all over planet earth. Thus Stick No Bills has grown rapidly to become a premier resource for high quality poster art and poster design.

Our flagship gallery is spread out through every main room of a beautiful old Dutch colonial townhouse situated at the heart of Church Street, the 'golden mile' for cultural tourism in Sri Lanka; a historic and peaceful road lined with boutiques, jewellery stores, cafés and high-end hotels that intersects Galle Fort, the incredible UNESCO World Heritage City located on Sri Lanka's tropical southwestern coast.

From inception we have specialised in authenticating and raising the profile of antique posters dating from the late 1800s through until the 1980s. The preeminent Ceylon/Sri Lanka and Mallorca vintage and retro collections we are proud to exhibit are the most extensive in the world. 

As de facto pioneers in post-war Sri Lanka's fast-growing art market, Stick No Bills™ also began to offer a first class framing service and to print "mega-sized" posters in 2012. Integrating these capabilities into our offering has made us a one-stop shop for leading interior designers.

Stick No Bills™ is a founding member of Greener Galle, the community-launched initiative to transform Galle Fort into the world's first carbon neutral living UNESCO World Heritage City. Please join this important eco-campaign at

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Ceylon (Azure), Koggala Lake, 1950s retro. Ceylon,Enfield-Ride,Island-Wide,1970s Retro. Banana Airlines, Negombo, Sri Lanka, 2014.  Designer: P.J.B. Samarasinghe. Dimensions: 31" x 20.8" / 79 x 53cm (lithograph poster); 7" x 5" / 18 x 13cm (postcard).